Rules Available Online, First Small Card Print Run

The rule book for Hope Inhumanity card game are finalized and available on the site. I’ve made them available in full colour brilliance for people like me who want to keep their rule books on an iPad or similar device. Everything about the rules layout was done with iPad viewing in mind. For those who prefer to print their rules, and don’t want to spend $10 on ink, I’ve provided the same document in black and white. Hooray for options!

In other news, I’ve ordered a small initial print run of the game decks. This is an exploratory print of only 30 decks, intended for play testing, promotional hand outs, and maybe a few sales. Each deck has 90 cards which includes: 4 rule cards, 40 scene cards, 20 Trait cards, 10 Relationship cards, 6 Asset cards and 10 Condition cards. I’m so excited to get my hands on these cards, and to get some decks into other people’s hands!