October Game Update

I’m excited to unveil the updated rules for Hope Inhumanity today. Head on over to https://hope-inhumanity.com/rules to download them now.

This is a major milestone in the development of the game, which started in mid-August with feedback from play testers at GenCon. A number of new rules and rule enhancements were made, and the rules document was completely redesigned and laid out using InDesign. The game cards were also completely overhauled and completely re-built using InDesign, and that will be the next major milestone. A first deck of proof cards is already being printed and I expect to receive them in the next few days. Following that, I will be sending out copies of this new deck to select play testers.

What’s New In the Rules?

  • Avoiding a scene, and Unavoidable scenes: The scene can be Avoided by the player who drew the card, thereby granting them 1 Humanity, but dooming everyone to suffer the Refuse penalty of that scene. However, some cards are marked as Unavoidable, forcing everyone to engage in the difficult choices thrust on them by the Scene card.
  • Last Hope Rule has been codified and clarified. Players without Humanity can use Hope dice to support others, but only if there are any left. And they get to access to Hope dice before the scene card holder.
  • Playing scenes without hardship ratings has been clarified. When there is a question, such as “Should we feed the orphan?” or “Do we kill the thief we caught?”, every player takes turns answering the question, with the card holder answering last. Rewards and penalties for choices are doled out after everyone has answered the question.
  • Grace of Innocence Rule – Mechanism to allow you to stay in the game if you die in the first 2 rounds. Because that just sucks.
  • Gift from the Grave Rule – When you die, give a new trait card to the player of your choice.

Other than these major changes, a lot of rules have been clarified, and the text itself has been trimmed significantly, removing repetitiveness and making for a quicker read. The example play text has been removed from the main rule text, but that will be replaced with web content in the near future.

These rules aren’t perfect yet, and may continue to evolve as I get more feedback in the coming months. The good news is that since they are not being printed, unlike the cards, it is easy to gradually improve them as the need arises.

Last but not least, the new rules feature the great art work of Carlos Cara Alvarez, who really captured the essence of what the game is about.