The End of the World Is Nigh!

Web Game CoverExciting news! Hope Inhumanity will be released on March 4 for download exclusively through, for only $20.

After months of play testing and tweaking rules, card text, layout and graphics, the game is finally ready to be unleashed on the unsuspecting public. I’m very excited to be finally publishing after nearly two years of work taking this from a concept – “how about a role playing game where you play characters from The Road?” – to a finished product that is obviously inspired by the original concept but took its own road along the way to become a completely unique gaming experience.

Hope Inhumanity has one foot in the indie RPG genre, where it inherited conflict resolution and other mechanics from, and the other foot in the board game genre with ready to play content and a limited scope for game duration and scale. Not many games take this approach, and the end result is something both RPG gamers and boardgamers can both enjoy and play in their own comfort zones.

The web site has been updated with the final rules PDF, and those rules have also been incorporated directly into the site pages as well to make it as easy as possible to get access to rules when you’re playing the game. When you order the game from DriveThru Cards, you’ll get a beautiful deck of 110 cards with all the content you need to play an exciting 2 hour game with up to 4 other people. What you will not get is the 30+ six sided dice (d6) you’ll also need to play. You can buy a bunch of these dice at your local game store, or have your friends bring their own.

More details and a link to the purchase page at DriveThru Cards will come once the game is released on March 4.

I will also be at PAX East March 5-8 this year running Hope Inhumanity at Games On Demand if you are around and want to play the game with the designer!