March Madness!

A lot has happened since Hope Inhumanity launched on March 4, and I haven’t had a chance to write an update on the game. The game launch went really well! It has been available initially through DriveThruCards for sale directly to consumers.

I had the opportunity to run the game for many people at PAX East in Boston, as well as at a local convention in my home town: the Ottawa Geek Market. The reaction from people playing the game has been overwhelmingly positive, which is a surprise to me because I always assumed that the dark tone and subject of the game would turn a lot of people off, but the game seems to handle these issues as tastefully as possible so it allows people to enjoy the tension of the game but stay at an arms length from the true horror of the situations.

I also had the pleasure of discussing the game with Matt Ballert of the Tabletop Torch podcast, and I’m looking forward to other podcasts coming soon.

My focus now is on improving the distribution channels for the game and getting out to events to promote it and expose people to it. I’m hoping to have Hope Inhumanity available through Indie Press Revolution soon, which will likely make it available at all the major gaming conventions in the United States. I’m also working on local distribution here in Ottawa, building relationships with local vendors (like Cardboard Kingdom) and participating in the many local geek and gaming events this city offers throughout the year.

Another focus is on building expansions for the game. The first expansion will put the characters in more of a civil war or invasion situation where they are effectively refugees trying to escape the violence. This will be playable in combination with the existing core deck. More details on that will be coming soon. I want to build a few expansion decks to give players more options and improve replayability of the game. Probably core deck expansions as well as other themed expansions, like Zombies!