The Journey Begins February 17!

web-feb-17square-cover-artThe original Hope Inhumanity launched in April 2015. I launched the game at the PAX East convention, and made it available through DriveThruCards at the same time. The game was a top selling game on the site for over a month. Hundreds of people have played and purchased the game since then.

Fast-forward nearly two years later, and I’m on the cusp of simultaneously releasing both the 2nd Edition of Hope Inhumanity and its expansion: Martial Law. The 2nd Edition fixes a ton of little problems in the original game, and most importantly introduces Personality cards. Now, in addition to building your character from Traits and Relationships, each player draws a Personality card for your character, which adds an exciting and fun new element to the game play. The Martial Law expansion adds the thematic concept of armed conflict to the existing journey of survival through a devastated wasteland. 37 new Scene cards introduce soldiers, armed militias, extremists, humanitarian aid, and the new Hunted Condition that adds hardship to the scenes for the entire group. Martial Law also features more Traits, Relationships, Personalities, another 17 Asset cards to add a ton of flavor to your post apocalyptic journey.


Both the 2nd edition and  expansion decks will be available online through DriveThruCards on February 17. They should be available at conventions soon after that through Indie Press Revolution. I’m planning a February 17 launch party in Toronto (more details to follow), and I’ll be a guest at the Breakout convention in Toronto in March, where I’ll be running the game for people and of course, the game will be available for purchase.

An update to the rules for 2nd Edition is almost ready, and will be uploaded as soon as it’s complete. I’m also working on a video to show the game in action which should be ready sometime around the launch date.

You can keep up to date with further developments through various social media channels: