Hope Inhumanity Launch Party – Feb 17

If you happen to be in Toronto this Friday (Feb 17), be sure to come celebrate the launch of the new and improved Hope Inhumanity and it’s long-awaited expansion deck: Martial Law.

The party will kick off at 8PM, will feature free beer & pizza, and several games of Hope Inhumanity running simultaneously. Never before has so much post-apocalyptic angst and anti-heroism been experienced in one place.

hope-inhumanity-familyThe launch party will also be an opportunity to try out the new Hope Inhumanity dice sets, tailor made for playing the game, complete with a glass bead to mark rounds. As a thanks to those purchasing the game and/or the expansion at the party, we’ll be giving away a free set of dice along with each game purchase.

A launch party isn’t complete without a host, and this is no exception. The amazing people from Board Again Games are hosting the launch party in their great space, where you can bring your own food and drinks (if free pizza and beer aren’t enough for you…)

Check out all the details on the event Hope Inhumanity Launch Party Facebook Page