2nd Edition and Martial Law Have Arrived!

family-photoToday is the day! Hope Inhumanity 2nd Edition and the all new expansion deck, Martial Law, are now available. After nearly 2 years of work designing and play testing the expansion, and tweaking the core game, they are now both ready for you to enjoy.

The two decks are currently available for sale through DriveThruCards.com

They will also later be made available through Indie Press Revolution, and hopefully will be making the rounds to many of the major gaming conventions.

My horse drawn cart and I will also be travelling around peddling the game, starting today at the official Launch Party, as well as appearances at BreakoutCon and CanGames.

There are also now Hope Inhumanity dice sets, so you don’t have to go scrounging around for 6-sided dice to play the game. These will currently only be available from my horse drawn cart, but hopefully I can make them available for purchase online in the near future.