Do I need 2nd Edition to play Martial Law?



Anyone interested in the expansion deck who owns the original 1st edition of Hope Inhumanity asks me some important questions:

Do I need 2nd edition to play with the Martial Law expansion?


What’s new in 2nd Edition?

The answers will shock you!

Actually, they won’t.

Let’s start with what’s new in 2nd Edition. The game mechanics are exactly the same. The big change is the addition of Personality cards. These add a lot to your character and encourage you to play your character a certain way, similar to how Relationships operate. For example, your character may be the kind of person who will not share food with anyone, ever. Or they may be a vegetarian who is even less likely than most people to eat that rotting carcass you found by the side of the road.

Many cards have been improved in 2nd edition. Some scenes are clearer, and many have been scrubbed for gender biases. Some problematic scene cards have been removed altogether, and some Traits and Scenes have migrated to the Martial Law expansion, in part to make room for the Personality cards.

The rules in 2nd edition have also been tweaked slightly. Humanity and Hope dice are all limited to five dice. The Hope and Humanity cards now print this limitation directly on the card itself.

And now to answer that first question: No, you don’t strictly need 2nd edition to play with the Martial Law expansion. But you will have a better experience if you do. Without 2nd edition, you will be limited to the Personality cards in the expansion, you may encounter some duplicate cards (because they’ve migrated decks in 2nd edition), and you won’t benefit from all the fixes to the 2nd edition cards.

I hope that helps. Happy gaming, and don’t let the apocalypse get you down!