Editor – Patrick Riegert


Shortly after I assembled the first playable version of Hope Inhumanity, back in 2013, I relied a lot on my friend Patrick for ideas and feedback. Patrick Riegert and I have gamed together for years, and he understood immediately what I was trying to accomplish with Hope Inhumanity. Many of the core elements of this game are there because he suggested them.

Not only did he contribute ideas for the game, he was also the game’s first champion, bringing it to GenCon in 2014, running it tirelessly and helping me build a small fanbase. Later he became the editor for the game, helping me craft the rules and card text, establishing patterns to keep the game consistent, and easy to learn. He did such a great job that the game was nominated for Best Rules in the IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Awards in 2016.

Patrick is immersed in gaming and editing in both his professional and personal life. He’s been an editor at the Senate of Canada for 10 years, and he has worked as an editor and copy-editor for several amazing games and game-related projects. He started in tabletop roleplaying game editing in 2011 with Outrider Studio, copy-editing Remnants and since then has done eight projects for them under the Remnants and Warbirds lines. He is also the in-house copy-editor for Burning Wheel Headquarters and has done work on the Burning Wheel Codex, the Torchbearer Middarmark setting, and the new game Inheritance.

Check out some of the other projects he’s worked on below, or look him up on his web site: patrickriegert.com