2016 Best Rules Indie Groundbreaker nominee
2016 Most Innovative Indie Groundbreaker nominee

Hope Inhumanity is a card game about hope, humanity, harm and hunger in the beginning after the end.

It is a card-based game for 3 to 5 players, played in one or two hours. You will play ordinary people surviving the extraordinary journey through a post-apocalyptic landscape. Fight off hunger, sickness, and other desperate survivors who want what you want: to find a safe destination where hope still lives. How far will you go to survive?

The Cards

The 2nd edition core game includes a full-color deck of 110 standard-sized cards printed on premium card stock, double-sided, with rounded-corners and a low-gloss UV Coating.

  • 40 Scene cards – The core of the game are the Scene cards describing the situations you encounter on your journey.
  • 10 Asset cards – Potentially helpful assets you pick up along the way.
  • 10 Relationship cards – Define the relationships your characters have with each other.
  • 20 Trait cards – Abilities and defining characteristics to define your character
  • 10 Personality cards – Ongoing effects that influence how you play the game.
  • 10 Condition cards – Hunger and Harm cards to measure your physical health.
  • 5 Humanity Dice cards – To track your character’s Humanity dice.
  • 1 Hope Dice Pool card – To track the group’s Hope dice.
  • 2 Rule Summary cards – Cheat sheets for common rules.
  • 2 Cover and “Back Page” cards

The Martial Law expansion deck comes with 86 cards.

  • 37 Scene cards
  • 17 Asset cards
  • 14 Trait cards
  • 5 Relationship cards
  • 6 Personality cards
  • 5 Hunted Condition cards
  • 2 Cover and “Back Page” cards

The Rules

The 11-page rules PDF is provided as a download at hope-inhumanity.com/rules and provides directions for how to play the game. In addition to the cards and the rules, you will need many six-sided (d6) dice, preferably in multiple colors.

Not included: More than 30 six-sided dice.

Actual Play Video