Q: Can anyone use Hope dice in a Scene?

In general, only the player who drew the Scene card is allowed to draw from the Hope dice pool. However, other players who have no Humanity remaining and wish to commit to the Scene may invoke the Last Hope rule to draw a single die from the Hope dice pool first.

Q: What happens if the Scene hardship is reduced to zero due to Relationship or Trait cards?

A: The hardship of a Scene could be reduced to zero through the use of various cards, like the Peacemaker Trait, which reduces a hardship by two. In this case, you don’t need to roll but must still commit at least one Humanity die to perform the action. (Although why you’d use more than one die is beyond our meagre ken.) A hardship of zero simply means you cannot possibly fail. However, at least one Humanity die must be expended in that player’s spotlight scene in order to succeed. No free passes!

Q: Can I continue playing with zero Humanity dice?

A: Yes, you can drop down to zero Humanity dice and continue playing. You can even resolve or support a scene by using Hope dice in lieu of Humanity dice. There is even hope for you to regain some Humanity. However, anything that would cost you a Humanity die will kill you.


Q: Can I use Hope dice to commit to a scene instead of my Humanity dice?

A: No! The only time you can use Hope dice without committing Humanity is when you have no Humanity left.

Q: What if I have no Humanity and no Hope dice left, then pull an Unavoidable Scene card with a hardship rating? I have no dice to commit, but I am forced to commit dice!

A: You’ve gone to a really bad place! In this unlikely situation, automatically apply the Failure penalty to all of the players. You have been forced to act in a situation in which you simply cannot succeed. So you fail, and take everyone with you.

Q: If a character dies after pulling “The Arm Has To Go” card, because nobody saved him, we all recover 1 Harm and 1 Hunger since we get his stuff. If I use my “Best Friends” Relationship card to then prevent him from dying, do we still get the Harm and Hunger benefits?

A: No you don’t because even though the character wasn’t saved through the Scene card mechanics, you saved him through your relationship benefit, so he didn’t die, and you can’t get his stuff.