Next round – Kickstarter campaign coming…

Time for an update on Hope Inhumanity. I’m seriously planning to run a Kickstarter campaign to get this game out the door. I may have an artist lined up to do the artwork to replace my amateur cut-n-paste graphic design skills. There is another round of edits coming to both the rule book and the cards themselves. And then there’s the logistics of printing and distributing the cards in a way that is sustainable in the long term and won’t end up losing money on each game.

There are a lot of logistics to sort out, but I think it’s finally time to pull the trigger on this game and get it out the door. I’m excited to finish it, and then move on to possible expansions. There are so many directions this game can go!

Prototype Cards and Learning Hard Lessons

I was so excited to get my 30 decks of Hope Inhumanity cards yesterday. I raced over to the FedEx depot to pickup the package, paid the pseudo-random import duties, ripped open the package, opened the first deck….and then….I slumped a little.

The colours are too dark, making it harder than it should be to read the text, and the orientation of front and back cards was upside down. Apparently the printer has a landscape project option, and I was using the portrait option, so the front and back orientation is basically random.

My first print run back in October, a single deck, actually turned out better. Colours were better, and the orientation was right. But since then a lot of text and design changes were made to the cards, including the addition of some rule cards. The rule cards contain the most essential, trimmed down rules you need to know or be reminded of in order to play the game. It’s challenging to shrink 26 pages of rules onto 4 poker sized cards, and I got it wrong. The text is too small, the cards are too dark, and I even uploaded the wrong version of one of the cards, an old version of the text on the opposite face of the card! How the hell did I do that?

So the 4 rule cards are a write-off, but the other 86 cards still make a great game. And while I thought I might be able to sell some of these decks, I’m now referring to them as prototype-decks, which is how I should have seen them all along.

When I set out to create this game, it was to be a standard pen & paper roleplaying game, with just a rulebook. As it progressed, I decided it needed cards, which has added all kinds of new challenges. And it turns out to be difficult making a transition from online to print. RBG vs. CMYK, bleed edges, arcane PDF formats, picas vs. points vs. pixels, embedded fonts! So I’m making the mistakes that have to be made, and it’s all taking much longer than I’d like, but I’ll get there, and I have a lot of hope for Hope Inhumanity.

Rules Available Online, First Small Card Print Run

The rule book for Hope Inhumanity card game are finalized and available on the site. I’ve made them available in full colour brilliance for people like me who want to keep their rule books on an iPad or similar device. Everything about the rules layout was done with iPad viewing in mind. For those who prefer to print their rules, and don’t want to spend $10 on ink, I’ve provided the same document in black and white. Hooray for options!

In other news, I’ve ordered a small initial print run of the game decks. This is an exploratory print of only 30 decks, intended for play testing, promotional hand outs, and maybe a few sales. Each deck has 90 cards which includes: 4 rule cards, 40 scene cards, 20 Trait cards, 10 Relationship cards, 6 Asset cards and 10 Condition cards. I’m so excited to get my hands on these cards, and to get some decks into other people’s hands!